Even though it’s been many years since I was in school, September still always signifies a time of change, to me. Perhaps it’s not exactly a shift from summer vacation back to classes, but a time to change my wardrobe, update my beauty drawer, and reset before the holidays.

Am I alone in this feeling? Probably not, considering how influential the September Issues of fashion magazines have become. They are, after all, essentially the stylish woman’s bible. The one we look forward to most all year – the one that’s the biggest, and the best. The one that holds all of the fashion and beauty knowledge we’ll need to finish off the last quarter of the year as the best and most stylish versions of ourselves.

Just like picking up a new piece or “it” accessory that can help update a look for fall, one of my favourites ways to refresh for the new season is to pick out a new, season appropriate scent for the transition.


This year is no exception, and I’m thrilled to add my first Gucci perfume to my collection. As such a big fan of the brand, it’s hard to believe it’s taken this long to acquire one of their scents, but finally I have. The fragrance was just launched this month and has many floral notes while still holding a lovely woody base, hence, perhaps, the name ‘Gucci Bamboo‘.

I often think of myself to be as equally girly as I am a tomboy, and so I generally gravitate towards scents that hold a nice balance of feminine and masculine aromas, such as this one. When you spritz the Gucci Bamboo into the air and onto your wrists, you will be immersed in ylang-ylang, Casablanca lily and orange blossom, along with strong notes of sandalwood, Tahitian vanilla and amber to create that strong, earthy base that’s oh so lovely when paired with its light counterparts.

This perfume, in particular, immediately reminded me of one of my favourite new outfits I recently picked up. One that makes me feel like I’m ready for that fall transition, while still soaking in the last bit of summer while it’s here. Like the perfume, the look has elements of both femininity and masculinity, and a balance of light and dark. Heck, the perfume bottle could even easily be incorporated into this outfit as an accessory because they are so well coordinated together.

gucci wiw 2

What does September and the seasonal change evoke within you? If you’ve got something that’s on your wish list for fall, please tell me what it is – I’d love to hear!

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