Packing lightly has never been an easy feat for me, and it seems that for almost my entire life my mom has begged me to pack lightly. As a family, we have always travelled a lot together. It’s no surprise she would ask me to cut down on bringing the majority of my closet with me – especially when we were heading off to backpack in Central America for six months. Even as a nine year old, being restricted to only one bag stressed me out greatly.


Years on – and having lived in two different countries – I have become much better about only packing what’s necessary. In fact, I’m quite proud of how well I can pack a carry on-sized bag for a week’s worth of outfits and travel.

One of my main tips for packing lightly is to always bring items that can be worn more than once, and can easily transition from day to night outings. Most importantly, you need things that don’t take up much space when folded or rolled (a great way to conserve space!).


I fell in love with this Kain Label dress as soon as I saw it hanging in their Toronto showroom. It was as if it was there waiting for me, knowing that I was heading off to Spain the next week. The soft, cotton-stretch fabric is not only comfortable, but folds into almost nothing when packed. Meanwhile the cut and style works just as well with a pair of Converse as it does with a pair of heels for a night out.

Here in Play Blanca on the Canary Islands, this look suits walking through the desert-like and rocky landscape while still looking chic enough to enjoy a cava and tapas by the ocean.

What I Wore: Dress by Kain Label courtesy of Kelly Claman & Co., Sunglasses by Dior, shoes by Converse.

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