Sometimes when I’m dead tired, overly ambitious ideas of what I want to accomplish in a day (when I should remain in bed) enter my head. The latest series of What I Wore is a prime example. After brunching across the street at Lawrence, Rachie Baby and I popped over to George & Jane to check out the shop, and visit my friend Nicki (the owner) and her new baby.

Since they hadn’t arrived yet and we had some time to kill. I decided it would be a great idea to sabotage the store with an impromptu Sunday morning photo shoot. I’m sure Nicki’s sales assistant, Shar, was wondering what possessed two clearly hungover gals (that’s right, I’m not actually mad in the photo above, i’m just trying not to barf) to tear up the shop and chase each other around with iphones (my real camera decided to die after the first shot). Serious props go out to Shar for being such a trooper and so helpful!

What I Wore: Funktional Heirloom Sweater $145, Filippa K natural silk Army Shirt $215, American Retro Michelle short $270, Biko black silk Lila necklace $159 (on sale), Filippa K warm camel Simone short boot $399.

Click HERE to visit the George & Jane online shop.