You may have noticed something different about your local mall lately. Something, shinier, prettier, sparklier, even, about it. Chances are, not much about it has changed, aside from the eye-catching transformation of the Club Monaco store nearest you (whether in a mall or not.) Wouldn’t you agree? Personally, I’ve found their recent revamp so drastically eye catching that it took me a while to figure out that it was, in fact, still a Club Monaco store I was looking at.

The difference now is that Club Monaco stores look like chic, modern environments with a distinctively Canadiana and rustic vibe (not to say they weren’t chic before.) They’re kind of like entering my dream apartment,  because obviously my apartment would actually involve racks of clothing and piles of t-shirts and sweaters everywhere the eye could see.

Maybe this is why I feel so at home in a Club Monaco store, to the point that I’ve been spending so much time in my nearest locations that they now know me by name and wave every time I enter.

In prep for a stellar Valentine’s Day outfit, where better to go than to a shop where the staff could be considered friends? And ones with an eye and opinion you can trust. So this is what I’ve settled on: a very short, and very flirty leather skirt, a luxe navy velvet blazer, and statement earrings from Erickson Beamon’s collection for Club Monaco.

Paired with my fuchsia Rodarte for Target blouse, velvet wrap Tom Ford shoes (scored at Holts Last Call) and my mini heart-shaped YSL bag, I can’t think of a better outfit to be in when I pucker up and celebrate the day of all things pink, red, heart-shaped and lovely. Any objections?

What I Wore: Blue Velvet Blazer from Club Monaco*, Rodarte for Target blouse, leather skirt from Club Monaco*, Tom Ford shoes from Holt Renfrew Last Call, vintage Yves Saint Laurent bag, Erickson Beamon for Club Monaco earrings.

Get The Look: 1. The Fiance Velvet Blazer, 2. Purple Silk Blouse by DVF , 3. Earrings from Club Monaco, 4 & 5 Bracelets from Club Monaco, 6. Belt from Club Monaco, 7. Pandora Pump, 8. Rochelle Bag by Club Monaco, 9. KARL Leather Mini.

Take a tour of the new Club Monaco below!

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 11.11.29 PM creative_19012013_JL_C0003 cmgc_9 cmgc_8 cmgc_7 cmgc_6 cmgc_5 cmgc_4 cmgc_3 cmgc_2

(What I Wore image by Janick Laurent, store images by Lori-Anne Lacambra)

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