Out of all the emails that land in my inbox, the ones I get most excited about are those that involve a cool new Canadian business with a fresh idea. When Garmentory got in touch, they had me at first mention of “designer” and “sale.” You see, on Garmentory.com there’s no need to search for the sale, because Garmentory brings the sale racks from stylish independent boutiques and designers across North America, to you. All you have to do? Make an offer. Yes, you read that right, they’ve brought bartering market style to the world of online shopping. And just like when bargaining in person, the boutique (or designer) will either accept or reject your offer. If they accept, it’s shipped off to you right away. Rejected? No worries, make an offer on the next thing that catches your eye! So cool, right?


Personally, I’m one of those people who is always saying “Well, maybe I would have bought if it was this price instead…” and now I can totally make anything this price! So long as the seller thinks I’m being reasonable, of course. There is just something about scoring a great deal on an amazing piece that makes a new purchase so much sweeter.


The stock on Garmentory is no joke either, there are plenty of amazing items that will get you making offers left right and centre. With a scroll here and click there, I quickly found this gorgeous Myne Eve Dress, wooly Rag & Bone Claire sweater, and Loeffler Randall x Tucker Dahlia Pumps! I might recommend setting a timer as a limit for yourself, because it sure is easy to get lost looking through all of the items on the site, which seem to miraculously get updated as often as you refresh the page.



An example of just how good the deals can be? These amazing Loeffler Randall x Tucker heels were only $130 from the original $446 price tag!! And that my friends is what we call love at first Garmentory super sale sight. For more information on Garmentory, and to get shopping now, click HERE!

Welcome to the world Garmentory!!



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