“How can I leave the house wearing pajamas but still look cute?” This is what I ask myself almost everyday and the answer is always the same: fashion pajamas. What are fashion pajamas and where do you get them? The answer isn’t an easy one my friend. I put a lot of time and effort into sourcing cool/designer clothing that make me feel like I’m still in bed while enduring outdoor activities. So let’s run through this prime example of fashion pajamas. The vintage mink vest? A gift given to me by glam granny over Thanksgiving after a very strange Thanksgiving dinner at a Hungarian restaurant (note: we are not Hungarian at all) where the 70 year old lady who runs the joint wouldn’t stop making highly inappropriate sex jokes throughout our meal. Nevertheless, I obviously jumped for joy when she dug out this luxurious gem and handed it over to me. It is basically like wearing the finest fur duvet in the world! The galaxy tee? Christopher Kane, of course! His cotton stretch printed tees are like wearing a second skin. The houndstooth wool joggers? See by Chloe from The White Space at The Bay – I live in those things. Oh, and the sunglasses? They hide the fact that I’m actually taking an upright nap.

What I Wore: Vintage mink vest, Black leather jacket from UK, Christopher Kane galaxy tee, See by Chloe wool joggers from The White Space at The Bay, Filippa K boots from George & Jane.

All images by Janick Laurent