On a freezing cold day, I decided to shoot with (almost) no clothes on. It was all in the name of What I Wore fashion, and I think braving the extreme chill was worth it, don’t you? The majority of this outfit is the result of some of the very fashionable, and equally generous people in my life. The sweater is by Rag & Bone and was a gift (aka hand-me-down) from Steph Mark of The Coveteur‘s closet. Steph has got THE BEST designer-filled closet and for some reason she likes to clean it out on the regular and invites me over when she does because she’s that good a of a friend! That sexy-ass skirt was a gift from my favourite cousin Hana (yes, I play favourites and I don’t care) from her recent trip to Korea. The Surface To Air two-finger ring was a gift I received many years ago from a friend who got sick of me always stealing his. See, being annoying totally gets you want in the end! I kid (kind of).

What I Wore: H&M black knit circle scarf, Rag & Bone sweater, black chiffon skirt from Korea, Fillipa K boots from George & Jane, Surface To Air two-finger ring, all other jewellery = random.

All images by Janick Laurent.