This look is the result of some impromptu shots taken at the end of my shoot day with David. The vintage Van Halen tee was something he pulled out of a garbage bag full of old band shirts, that I fell in love with and forced him to give me. Shoot me all day long, feed me wine and then give me some free clothes! Welcome to the world of shooting with Miss Gracie Carroll. I kid, kind of. So I slipped on the t-shirt with my “Tarzan” Diepo skirt before writhing around on the floor for a bit (for the pictures!). When that was over I threw on my trusty varsity and ran out the door, and straight into a large unmarked white van – in Parkdale no less! Long story, but luckily I am still alive and well.

What I Wore: Vintage varsity jacket from Germany, vintage Van Halen t-shirt from Dave’s garbage bag collection, skirt by Diepo, ring by YSL, ‘Bite The Bullet’ necklace by Carley Christie, boots by Filippa K.

All images by David Gillespie, hair by Ronnie at SheShe Beauty.