My friend Dave is one of my favourite photographers, but every single time I run into him at a party, he gets on my case about not dressing sexy enough. “You can’t wear the sack dress forever!” he always says, or “can you try removing a few layers?” According to Dave, the world should know that I’ve got a “phenomenal rack” and a hot bod. So when I asked him if he would shoot me for What I Wore, he agreed on one condition: “only if I can shoot you for the straight man, instead of the gay man –  for once!” Why not? I thought to myself. So I packed up as little clothing as possible, and headed over to his house.

This kelly green number is actually a little coat I found at The Salvation Army just before Christmas when they happened to be having a half price sale. It is a vintage piece that was originally made in Toronto, I love the cut and it fits like a glove. I think it might be one of my best-ever finds from TSA, and I have found a lot of good stuff there over the years! Not bad for $6, huh?

What I Wore: Vintage coat from The Salvation Army,  Suzi Roher belt from Common SortBlush bra fromWinnersMarc Jacobs shoes.

Check out the gallery to see the extra shot! All images by David Gillespie, hair by Ronnie at SheShe Beauty.

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