Professing my love for denim is nothing new to What I Wore. I really do love it, and always have. My jean jackets, for example, are like my best friends: I love them all for different reasons. There is just something so classic and comforting about denim in (almost) every style that it comes in.

The main problem denim nerds face in the summer months is, well, how can you wear denim in the summer? It’s the only time of year when that rugged cotton twill becomes unbearable against the skin. It is simply too thick and too hot to be worn in its natural form.

Then American Apparel called and said: “Hey Gracie, if you love denim so much, then you need to try our new lightweight denim for summer!” I felt like I had been struck on the head, and managed to dribble out something like, “Denim? Lightweight? Summer? Okay!”

So it was set, and my challenge was to create my four ideal summer looks with lightweight denim.

Look One

When I emerged wearing this first look, the photographer, Petra Collins, looked at me and said, “I love this! Let’s shoot against the fence of the baseball diamond, you’ll be like that shot of Chloe Sevigny in Gummo.” As if my girl crush on this teenage photo prodigy couldn’t get any bigger, she mentions my ultimate style icon in the first two minutes of our shoot.

Denim circle skirt, $46, printed Malibu
one piece
 (cloud print), $62

Look Two

Considering we shot in Trinity Bellwoods, this outfit is the probably the most fitting for what I would wear to a day spent in the park. I love a pair of ‘70s-style high-waist short shorts in the summer, and the sleeveless button-down top allows for easy removal when you want a quick tan session.

Tap short (navy) $47, denim sleeveless crop button up(light wash indigo), $48

Look Three

If I can manage to look cute while also being extremely comfortable and casual, I am at my happiest. I’m just an easy T-shirt and loose sweater kind of gal. This is the outfit I would live in at my cottage — a pair of easy shorts and a comfy light sweater.

Denim leisure short (light wash indigo), $35,reversible easy sweater (denim boucle), $58

Look Four

It wouldn’t be a summer outfit from Gracie if there wasn’t a print mash-up included. This outfit combines my love for Parisian-chic stripes and ‘90s floral denim. It’s a win-win!

Printed denim high waisted cuff short (white floral) $66, cotton spandex jersey crop tee (horizontal nautical stripe) $28

All items from American Apparel, all photos by Petra Collins

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By the way… Please join me at American Apparel on Bloor Wednesday June 27th for an evening of music, fun, champers and shopping! xo