Love & Lemons dress from the Fitzroy Boutique dress rental service

As revealed in my latest YouTube video “A Day In The Life of A Fashion Blogger”, shopping really is part of my job and having amazing clothing to wear is a very important part of being a fashion blogger. As you can imagine, this can also end up being quite costly, and even a bit wasteful when there’s only a certain amount of times you can wear a statement piece.

When my friends at Fitzroy Boutique reached out about their new dress rental service, I was so happy to hear about their innovative new business model that helps stylish women in Toronto wear fabulous clothing more often while simultaneously saving money and wasting less.

For Love & Lemons dress from the Fitzroy Boutique dress rental service

Even though I attend multiple events on a weekly basis, it seems the event circuit is getting busier and busier for everyone, no matter what industry you’re in. ‘Wedding Season’ is now all year round, and holiday parties seem to start earlier and end later these days. With a backlog of fancy events and parties to attend (with plenty of photo ops, of course) the new Fitzroy Boutique dress rental service can help make it easier for a lot of us to look great, wear something new, and save money.

To give you an idea of how it works, you can visit the Fitzroy Boutique pop up at 98 Ossington Avenue in person or shop online HERE to view the dresses they have available to rent. Prices for most of the dresses start at just $50 to rent them for 4 days (including the dry cleaning) and $75 for 8 days – giving you enough time to rent a dress even if you’ve got a destination event to go to.

For Love & Lemons dress from the Fitzroy Boutique dress rental service

As a blogger, sometimes it’s not just about finding an outfit to wear to an event or party, but a great outfit that is photo-worthy enough for a What I Wore post. I was instantly drawn to this red hot number by For Love & Lemons and new it would be the perfect piece for a colourful and summery new photo series.

So whether you’re heading to your best friend’s wedding or need a last minute dress for a date, I would definitely recommend check out the Fitzroy Boutique dress rental service to see what you can find!

For more information on renting a dress and to start browsing click HERE.



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