While I most often try to shop at smaller boutiques, there is something to be said for being able to grab a fab outfit at, not necessarily a one-stop shop, but one stop mall. As a Toronto kid, the Eaton Centre has always been one of my playgrounds, but now that I live just a few blocks away, I find myself there more than ever. Well, probably not more than when I frequented the mall everyday during high school (just up the street) and university (just across the street), but still, I’m there pretty darn often.


This outfit consists of, in my opinion, three of the main mall staples that have literally been there forever: Banana Republic, Old Navy and Urban Outfitters. Okay so Urban Outfitters isn’t technically in the mall, but considering it’s directly across the street, I’ve always considered it to be part of it. Although slightly newer to the Eaton Centre, even my shoes are from Call It Spring.

Aside from the retailers, this outfit is a great representation of my transition into a spring wardrobe; still clinging on to black and yet embracing a bit of colour and even exposed skin! Yes on my feet, there — I’m really going wild! So maybe it’s not exactly a ‘Spring Break’ look, but I’m also no-longer a student headed on a Spring Break vaca. No, to me, throwing on a great leather biker jacket over this look is the perfect way to go to, where else? Work!

What I Wore: Baseball jacket from Old Navy, rose-printed jersey from Urban Outfitters, striped pants from Banana Republic, and Yadoven shoes from Call It Spring. All images by Janick Laurent.


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