Alright, so it may not look like this in Toronto right now, considering it’s -20 and full of slush, but a girl can reminisce about nicer days can’t she? Besides, it seemed a waste not to use this photo, snapped by my girl Alex of I’m a Little, on one of our lunch dates before the real deep freeze hit.

This image is also a reminder of what I’ll be able to wear again soon. When I’m not wrapped up in giant puffy jackets and snow boots at all times. Remember, it’s not too long from now when the days of being able to dress like a cute girl will return.

There is a light at the end of this tunnel. We can make it. Stay strong everyone!

What I Wore: Steven Alan cashmere hat from Bird, Celine sunglasses, Robert Rodriguez jacket, Chanel bag, Topshop boyfriend jeans, and Senso shoes from Shop Sauvage.

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