Although I wrote last week about the importance of the Little Black Maxi to your summer wardrobe, one cannot dismiss the relevance of none other than the sack dress. Oh yes, that glorious loose-fitting, super comfortable and extra cool(ing) shape-less thing that one just can’t deny on a hot summer day. At least I can’t, anyway, which is probably why I’ve hardly stepped out of this cactus-print Peyote Gardens Dress from Obey since it was delivered to my door.


Of course the great print doesn’t hurt either, considering what a fan I am of those prickly little things. Regardless, this lovely and loose cotton dress has quickly proven to be one of my go-to items of the summer from city life to cottage country.


Ah yes, the cottage — my happy place! And of course I’m talking about my actual cottage in southern Ontario, not the city cottage I call home in downtown Toronto. Although, to be fair, I do love both equally, just for different reasons. There’s just something about being in the peaceful countryside the makes me so happy — just look at that face full of pure joy below!


Most of my cottage looks now include my favourite straw hat, which is one that I found at the antique market near Grand Bend last summer. I love its tall Pilgrim style that just adds a certain je ne sais quois to easy summer looks. You can pretty much top any outfit with this thing and it’s all “Ta daaaa! Outfit!” which is great for when you’re more interested in relaxing rather than impressing anybody with your amazing style, but still want to look impressive. Y’all know what I mean.


Like most of my summer looks, the whole thing was paired with my trusty and classic Celine sunglasses, along with vintage Wrangler jean jacket;  an oversized beauty that, at this point, is as comforting as wrapping yourself in an old family blanket. And true to my country self, no shoes were worn with this look, because who needs shoes when you’re running wild in the fields and on the beach, right?


What I Wore: Peyote Gardens Dress from Obey, vintage hat, Celine sunglasses, vintage Wrangler denim jacket.


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