Considering how easy it is to find salons that are solely dedicated to hair or nails, have you ever wondered why there wasn’t one just for waxing? Personally, I’ve always been a bit wary of the waxing skills of someone who gave me a pedicure just a few minutes prior. If you wax on the regular, you know the difference between a real waxologist and not. You know what I mean.

Now, let’s all hail management consultant, Lexi Miles, who spotted a gap in the market for the wax-only spa, especially in North America. WAXON is Canada’s premiere “waxbar” concept, that has just hit Toronto with its first flagship location now open in the Summerhill area.

The interior is bright, modern and clean, clean, clean! No stripping down to your skivvies behind an oriental room divider at the end of a row of hand dryers here! Oh no. Getting stripped down and flipped around in the privacy of your very own room (with a real door!) may sound she-she, but trust it is not.

WAXON promises to offer the most efficient, competitively-priced and unique waxing experience in the city. What does that mean? They’ve got trained professional waxologists on staff, they’re open seven days a week (and appointment openings can easily be viewed on their website, and soon-to-come app), services are of to the highest and fastest standard at a price that’s somewhere between high-end spa and questionable nails + “spa”. This really is the ideal place for the gal on the go. And by gal, I also mean guy. Did you know they offer a MANZILLIAN!?

In fact, they are so eager to cater to that untapped (and very hairy) man market, that they’ve even got a separate entrance for those who are still a little bit shy about their man-hair removal. Which leads me to believe that guys do not talk about removing hair form their balls as much as girls talk about their bikini lines? Hmmm.

OH YA, remember when I told you about some of my favourite new products the other day? Well, Prince Reigns Ingrown Hair Serum (ahem, a favourite of  Oprah’s too no big deal) was one of them and it is being sold (for the first time ever in Canada!) exclusively through Waxon.

My hard wax (that’s the one that dries on your skin and gets peeled off and is way better for sensitive skin) “Braziliant” was a reasonable $42 with impressive results.

This place is the best thing to ever happy to anyone who waxes on the regular. If you’re in Toronto, go check it out!

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