You’ve probably heard of the Soho House before, with their “houses” set in the hottest cities around the world. London, New York, Hollywood, Berlin… they’ve got quite a few. Thursday night marked the launch of Toronto’s very own Soho House, the first in the city from the exclusive private member’s club. Set on the top floor of the Burroughes Building on Queen Street West, the opening was a wonderful representation of their signature style of laid back glamour. Here’s a look into what happened inside the Soho House…

It all began with rooftop drinks overlooking the city at dusk.

The table setting: Classic. Understated. Chic.

As Michael Budman, the owner of Roots, said to me…

“When you write (about the house) you can mention the simplicity, but also the absolute great taste they have.”

The Menu.

The rotisserie chicken (made in front of our eyes up on the roof just moments before) was served family style with a side of fries.

Dinner is served.

My lovely lady date, Ashton! #glam

Dessert: Opposites Attract.

Spying on my The Coveteur besties from afar.

Oh! Before Soho House, Ashton and I went to the Carlu to check out Ann Taylor‘s new fall collection (she’s coming to Canada soon y’all!). I have’t been able to stop thinking about these amazing booties since then.

Then we played “let’s make art” with our champers and hors d’oeuvres

After dinner, I headed to the Drake Underground to catch Mac DeMarco from Montreal’s set. This is him surfing the crowd.

And as if answering my animal print prayers, I stumbled home to find that Tory Burch had sent me the best gift of ever! Team Tory, how did you know I’ve wanted a leopard print iPhone ever since I got an iPhone?