As you all know, I freaking love nail art. Thing is, I’m crap at doing it myself and it ain’t cheap to have cray cray nails all the time! However, last night I discovered the best in easy DIY nails and I’m so excited to share it with y’all.

So I was sitting having my makeup done while on set of FILLER Magazine’s holiday shoot when I noticed the awesome nails of our very talented makeup artist, Wendy. She had black nails with brushed gold tips (you know how much I love black and gold) so I grabbed her hand to inspect up close. “So easy!” she told me, “I did them myself!” Now, Wendy also happens to be a pro manicurist but when she told me how she did it, I thought it sounded so easy there was really no way that even someone as nail art challenged as myself could screw it up.

When the shoot was over, I grabbed a glass of champers along with a bottle of Chanel Peridot and Space Odyssey by NARS then sat down to tackle the DIY. To begin, paint your nails with your base coat of choice, once dry, take your tip colour and remove as much polish from the brush as possible. Then lightly brush the tips for light streaks of colour. Then done! SO easy! The best part of it is that even if you screw it up a bit, you can’t really tell because “it’s supposed to look that way.” I’m obsessed.