#romanceinfrance (iimage via tonic blooms)

(image courtesy of Tonic Blooms)

When winter hits Canada, the days are short and the nights are long. Not to mention the cold temperatures that leave most of us walking around with sad faces until spring weather finally hits. It’s during these gloomy times that we need to come together and remember to try our best to turn a frown upside down, on our own faces and those of others too!

The French are, of course, known to be the romantics of the world, and the French Tourism Board recently pulled off a light-hearted stunt in Canada to remind us Canucks of the power of love, romance, and random acts of kindness.

Click to watch the touching #RomanceInFrance video below!

#romanceinfrance video

Inspired by the video to take part in the #RomanceInFrance campaign and continue to spread the love with random acts of kindness, I took two roses to my favourite hair salon, Tony Shamas, where I surprised the salon manager, Ivan, and my favourite hair stylist, Maureen, with two pink roses. Just like in the video, these two were so happy to receive something out of the blue to brighten up their busy day!


In the lead up to Valentine’s Day, remember to spread the love this year to your loved ones and beyond. You can bring the #RomanceInFrance to life no matter what country you live in!




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