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While brainstorming ideas for the August Localist segment on BT Toronto with my Editor at FLARE, she forwarded a link to a website called Leeloodles. “This might sound crazy,” she said, “but all of my design friends are going nuts over this 8-year-old’s t-shirt line.” I nearly jumped out of my seat as I screamed “I KNOW HER!!” And it’s true. Although I hadn’t seen little Leeloo since she was a wee baby in arms, I had been following her new venture via her parents (who I’ve known for years) and was so excited to help shed light on her amazing new business in such a major way.

Click the links below to watch today’s live FLARE Localist segment for August featuring Leeloodles, Crown Flora x Greenhouse Juice, Nudestix, Warby Parker and Endy Sleep! Plus, you can also watch the following segment featuring an interview with the talented Leeloo.

FLARE Localist Gracie Carroll BT Toronto

Click HERE to watch the August FLARE Localist segment!

leeloodles bt toronto

Click HERE to watch the interview with Leeloodles!

Thanks for having me BT, and congrats to Leeloo!



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