Remember my friend Marco? That talented photographer boy I met while in Paris in February? Well, he is back with a brand new video that he directed for  Vic Matie SS12. I must share it with you because, well, it would be a crime not to. Watching this video got me thinking about Marko and the time he came to visit London, soon after we met in gay old Paree. Marco turned up to a party at Wolf & Badger that I had invited him to, and surprised me and my friend Holly with gifts! Not just any gifts, mind, he gave us giant crystal paper weights! How did he know a glam crystal was just what my desk needed? He became a certified Italian/Parisian baby angel that night and we must all be thankful that he exists. Now, I obvi cannot share my crystal with you, but I can share a picture of it and his new video below – watch it!