Last week I had the pleasure of taking part in a private preview of the new Mulberry store at Yorkdale mall. Mere seconds after walking in my eyes landed on a large tote bag, beautifully displayed on one of their gleaming shelves. “What is THAT?” I asked, pointing and staring intently on the two-handled creature. ‘The Willow‘ the sales associate explained to me, is Mulberry’s newest IT bag, and apparently Kate Moss‘ favourite bag (as revealed to me by my friend Caitlin from Fashion Magazine.) Who could argue with Kate’s choice? This bag is EVERYTHING. Not only is it big enough to actually hold all that you need in your bag on a day-to-day basis, but the front pouch zips off and transforms into an elegant envelope clutch. Can you even imagine a better day-to-night bag for busy gals on the go? Non!

Until I can save up enough to purchase one of these beauties, let’s enjoy this ‘making of The Willow‘ photo series from Mulberry in the mean time:

View the full step-by-step process below:

Mulberry1 Mulberry2 Mulberry3 Mulberry4 Mulberry5 Mulberry6 Mulberry7 Mulberry8 Mulberry9 Mulberry10 Mulberry11 Mulberry12 Mulberry13 Mulberry14 Mulberry15 Mulberry16 Mulberry17 Mulberry18 Mulberry19 Mulberry20 Mulberry21 Mulberry22 Mulberry23 Mulberry24 Mulberry25 Mulberry26 Mulberry27 Mulberry28

All images courtesy of Mulberry