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Last spring I was approached to take part in a new reality show called Brave New Girls that highlighted the life of Canadian transgendered beauty queen, Jenna Talackova, as her on and off-screen stylist. Always up for a new challenge, of course I said yes.

The relationship between a personal stylist and client is definitely one that becomes strongest over time. Having never met or worked with Jenna before, we were thrown into the deep end together when the first time we ever met was onscreen. Although we struggled a bit at first, we soon both cooly had our heads above water.

Now that The Hills-style reality show is finally on air on the E! network, my onscreen debut with Jenna will be airing this Sunday on E! at 10e/7p! Having just watched the scene in advance, I can tell you that its rather hilarious and I have an extreme case of ‘bitchy resting face’ throughout, as you can see from the stills below:

Gracie’s Bitchy Resting Face #1:

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Gracie’s Bitchy Resting Face #2:

Gracie Carroll large E Branded 3

Although this clip might make our relationship look a bit extreme, I can assure you Jenna and I have always shared just as many laughs as we have tense moments. Besides, you’re bound to duke things out when you’ve got two divas in the room right? Love you Jenna!

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Aside from my totally major appearance, here’s a recap of what to expect in Episode 3, titled Take It All Off: Jenna’s putting final touches on her new apartment when she gets the news of a lifetime – a lucrative offer from Playboy. Everyone is excited – everyone, that is, except for Jenna. While she weighs the pros and cons of sowing her “goodies” to the world, Dajana and a friend tr to pull Jenna out of her new town dating slump by setting her up on a blind date. What Dajana doesn’t know is that for Jenna, the only thing more frightening that posing nude is going out with someone’s she’s never met.

Don’t forget to watch the teaser below!


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