Travel Beauty Tips

A family brunch on Sunday that included the attendance of a couple of ‘little ones’ reminded me that this week is March Break for kids in Ontario. Oh to be 11 again! Even if you’re not in school, or taking the opportunity to take a break with your children (if you have them), you might be heading off for vacation this week. If you’re not, here’s to hoping you will be soon! No matter when you’re travelling, we can all use some professional advice for travel beauty tips. For this I called upon the founder of SoyaSkin, Melani Chong, to shed light on how we should be caring for ourselves, beauty-wise, when we’re away. See what she has to say below!

Travel Beauty Tips

Traveling is exciting.  Exploring unknown places and relaxing in your comfort zones are heart healing and mind stimulating.  Spending time with friends and enjoying the best of life abroad is as good for your health as the proverbial apple a day.  Travel is also sometimes work and exhausting.  Either way you slice it, you always want to look your best – effortlessly.

During the weeks and months ahead of a travel date, some people get excited about planning and packing for the event, and others – not so much.  Either one dives into it with gusto or you shy away and procrastinate – either way, there are just some things that you can’t avoid when planning for a get-away.  One thing for certain, you always want to feel great, look fantastic and enjoy your time away.  I like products and services that are multi-tasking and bring ease and benefits to my days so I can enjoy valuable time with my family and businesses.  Make things simple – use multi-tasking products for all of your on-the-go days.

Here are some simple tips to keep on top of your beauty tasking before, whilst and after traveling – also effortlessly.

Be Prepared – Eat and rest with healthy goals weeks before your departure, exercise and take supplements, if needed, weeks before a travel excursion as to ensure that you don’t get sick upon arrival and potentially ruin your plans.  Sometimes people make the mistake of dieting so that they will look better in their swimsuit or at an event.  By doing that, one will compromise their immunity which leads to fatigue and illness upon arrival to their destination.  So stay healthy and create a robust diet and exercise regime prior to your departure.  It’s actually a fun practice that you can do with family and mates by tracking healthy progress.

Know the climate to which you are traveling.  Your climate refers to your various fluctuating temperatures and even those foul environmental particulates and pollutants you confront in all kinds of foreign and local places.  And don’t forget the plane.  Air travel provides an imposing cabin climate that affects circulation, hydration and respiration.  In that plane cabin, with its low humidity and the air pressure qualities of a mile-high plateau your immunity is challenged.  Be prepared for your climates, use skin-loving spritzers to give you that extra hydration boost and detoxify your skin from environmental pollutants.

Travel Beauty Tips

Hydrate from the Inside out – drink a lot of water and vitamin packed juices as well as eat a diet rich in vitamins, deep greens and healthy oils from olive oil, avocado and legumes that help to keep cells plump and constantly rejuvenating like they should be.  Think longevity.

Use pure and nutritious products for skin and hair – like Soyaskin Travel Skin care product kits that are designed to make life easier.  Avoid harsh chemical procedures or products that claim drastic results.  Chose less complicated tricks and beauty and grooming regimes and stick to what is basic and healthful.  Soyaskin products are stabilized and pro-nutritious for skin and hair and do double duty all around.  Start a regime weeks ahead so you look your solid best by pampering yourself in advance.  You’ll look great and feel even better!

Protect Your Skin. Be wild and live with reckless abandon while on vaycay.  Make your dreams come true, be an adventure hero and protect your skin from the environmental factors that come with the territory.  Use a cream with minimum SPF-15 factor but always remember to COVER UP!  Whether it be sun, wind or snow, you should always protect your skin like a baby if you always want that youthful glow and suppleness.  My most important piece of advice is to protect skin from harsh weather and even more from the weather we assume is tolerable and safe – sun, wind damage and scarring is the most difficult to recover from and takes much more time to heal residual damage over time than it does to just slather on your fave moisturizer, SPF, a brimmed hat and a scarf.  Preserve your peau!

Pack smart, travel with just what you need for your beauty regimen.  Remember that less is more.  Use travel proficient, multi-purpose serums and creams, safe and air-tight bottles and appropriately sized travel beauty products that make you look good and no surprises in your luggage or carry-ons. Relax, enjoy and feel beautiful – bon voyage!

Look your best without effort – use powerful and nutrient rich serums everyday before you go out-n-about – they allow your skin to glow while you’re away and be camera-ready for that magic moment.

- words and images by Melani Chong




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