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 spring beauy

It really doesn’t matter what season it is, bright eyes and clear skin are always in style. The biggest beauty problem that many of us face during the spring? Covering up an allergy attack when allergy season hits. Here are my top 5 spring beauty tips for keeping those itchy eyes and that blotchy skin at bay, so your true beauty can continue to shine through:


1. Fight Allergies with Your Secret Weapon:



There’s no room for experimentation or hoping things will “ease up” when allergies attack. Busy women can’t let allergies stop them from kicking butt every day! Or stop them from looking gorgeous while doing so. Taking REACTINE® throughout the day (and making sure you’ve got an emergency pack in your purse) is one of the best ways to fight off allergy symptoms you just don’t have time to deal with.



2. Keep Your Skin Happy with Natural Care:


If your skin is dry, itchy and blotchy from an allergy flare up, the last thing you want to do is irritate it when it’s sensitive. Although I would recommend using natural skincare products all the time, it’s going to be especially helpful for your skin when it’s unhappy. Why? Because natural skincare only involves ingredients from the earth that are gentle on your skin. One of my favourite natural skincare lines right now is Wildcraft Skincare that’s made in Toronto. I recommend using their toner, serum and face cream to start your day off right.


3. Create A Flawless Look with A Cover Up


Now, as much as using natural skincare will help reduce inflammation and redness, you may need backup to achieve a flawless face before heading out the door. First use a good quality primer such as Makeup Forever’s HD primer to stop your skin from absorbing your foundation and concealer. Next, use a top notch foundation that only requires a little to go a long way. I love the new All-Day Luminous by NARS because you only need one pump for your entire face. Use a concealer last to cover up any problem spots that need extra help’.


4. Brighten Up Your Eyes In Two Easy Steps

 eye shimmer

When allergies attack, it can be hard to open up your eyes, never mind put makeup on them. Thankfully with the help of REACTINE® to help relieve your itchy, watery eyes, they’ll feel fresh enough to face the world. Two ways you can help brighten up your eyes when you’re feeling under the weather are by using a good eyelash curler and mascara, and then highlighting the inner corners of your eyelids with a light gold shimmer. Trust me, it will help you look far more awake than you really are, and I use this trick all the time — even when I’m not suffering from an allergy attack!


5. Draw Attention To Your Lips With A Standout Pucker

 statement lip

When one of your features isn’t at its best, you’ve gotta highlight the next best thing to distract people. If your eyes are tired or still suffering from some itchiness and redness, avoid overdoing the eye makeup, and emphasizing your lips instead. Use a great statement lip colour to put your pucker in the limelight. If you’re going high end, I recommend a colour from Chanel, but I also love CoverGirl shades for an under $10 option.


Follow these 5 easy steps and you’re sure to stay gorgeous and ready to face the world even when allergies hit!




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