You know you’ve got an amazing friend when they write you from LA to tell you they’re working on a series of exclusive mixtapes for your website when you haven’t even asked them to do such a nice thing. DJ HUGGS is one of my very bestest friends for many reasons (this being a great example) but also because he sends me postcards with Tinkerbell on it, watches movies with me that star Hillary Duff, and always treats me to a Toffuti Cutie after a vermicelli lunch date. Here is Volume One of TINY DANCER, the first of a series of mixtapes exclusive to – this tape has been on repeat since he sent it to me and I’ve found it to be great for a bedroom dance party, and a great workout mix!

***Listen to Tiny Dancer: Volume One on Mixcloud HERE or download it for free HERE!***

Here’s a little message from Huggsy about his present to all of us…

When my bff gracie said she was starting a website i wanted to figure out how to contribute something, namely music, so i thought a mixtape series would be a great idea. fashion and music go hand in hand after all. it took me a while though to settle on what kind of music to feature and what form the mixes would take. i wanted to figure out a concept or go for a certain vibe that would be well suited for gracie’s site, and have it be both something she and her readers would like.

What i decided on was a mixtape for fashionable people on the move. people who like to keep up with cool new dance music that’s both accessible yes, but also a little outside of what’s on the radio, played in clubs or in most magazines. and after cherry picking some fun house, disco, and indie dance selections over the last few months, i think it fits just that description. the result is a chic continuous mix, good for a run, workout, or even personal dance party whenever and wherever (in your room, on the subway, etc). with all this in mind i thought tiny dancer would be a fitting title too.

So without further adieu here is the first edition. i hope you enjoy it! lots more volumes of tiny dancer to come too.