This week I had the pleasure of attending a very intimate and private lunch-hour tasting in a suite at the Thompson Hotel for the new Grey Goose Cherry Noir. Normally I’m not one for flavoured vodkas, but, knowing the Grey Goose standard of excellence, there was no way I was going to pass up learning about their latest concoction.

The afternoon was hosted by Grey Goose global brand ambassador, Ludovic Miazga (one of London, UK’s best-loved bartenders) who shared with us tips on how to properly taste a vodka, and, of course, what makes the Grey Goose Cherry Noir so special.

To begin, Ludovic poured each of us an ounce of Grey Goose Cherry Noir into a champagne flute and then instructed us to agitate the liquid by moving it in circular motions. He then pointed out the wavy marks that we would see along our glasses, and to watch how fast the droplets would run down the glass. For, you see, it’s only a high quality fine vodka such as Grey Goose that will drip down slowly. The next step is to close your eyes and take a whiff in order to pick up some of the unexpected notes; you can also add a splash of water to open it up further.

Although the Cherry Noir flavour is very present and distinct in the vodka, I was pleased to learn that Grey Goose only use a 100% natural essence of the finest ripe black cherries picked in the south of France, and there is absolutely no artificial flavouring involved whatsoever. To enjoy a vodka soda I personally would be more inclined to reach for the classic bottle of Grey Goose, however, I did love the cocktails they created with Grey Goose Cherry Noir and thought they would be perfect to enjoy over the long weekend. My personal favourite is the Cherry Fizz which is light and refreshing like a lemonade. Hope you enjoy!

Cherry Fizz

With a bold cherry flavour, GREY GOOSE Cherry Noir adds a daring but delicious twist to the classic Collins. Fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, and club soda offer a refreshing summer finish to this cocktail.

•1 ½ oz GREY GOOSE Cherry Noir
•½ oz Freshly squeezed lemon juice
•¾ oz Simple syrup*
•Top with club soda

Fill the glass slightly above the rim with cubed ice. Pour the first three ingredients in the order listed, to ½ inch from the top of the highball glass and stir. Top with soda. Garnish with a fresh black cherry.

* Dissolve ½ cup of sugar into ½ cup of boiling water and then let cool.

Summer Night’s Punch

Chilled champagne and a French Sauvignon Blanc compliment the fresh taste of GREY GOOSE Cherry Noir in the Summer Nights Punch. Thinly cut strips of cucumber and pieces of honeydew melon add summertime sophistication to a cocktail punch that is perfect for a summer’s night with your favourite entourage.

•1 part GREY GOOSE Cherry Noir
•½ part GREY GOOSE Vodka
•1 part French Sauvignon Blanc
•4 long thinly cut strips of cucumber
•¼ Honeydew melon cut into small 1-inch pieces
•1 part Sugar
•½ part Hot water
•1 ½ parts Club soda
•½ part Chilled champagne
•Peel of 2 lemons very thinly, without white pith

In the punch bowl, mix the hot water with the sugar to create a base and squeeze the lemon zests over to release the oils. Add the GREY GOOSE Vodka and Cherry Noir followed by the Sauvignon Blanc. Add the cucumber and melons and stir. Add in a couple of large blocks of ice, the club soda, and the Champagne to the punch bowl directly before serving in lowball glasses. Garnish with slice of cucumber.

Grey Goose Celebration Cocktail

GREY GOOSE Cherry Noir and ST-GERMAIN® Liqueur star alongside fresh citrus, pomegranate juice and prosecco in this celebratory cocktail. Bursting with refreshing flavours, the GREY GOOSE Celebration Cocktail makes the perfect accompaniment to a summer time brunch or an evening soiree.

•1 ½ oz GREY GOOSE Cherry Noir
•½ oz ST-GERMAIN liqueur
•½ oz Freshly squeezed lemon juice
•1 oz Pomegranate juice
•¾ oz Prosecco

Combine the first four ingredients in a shaker. Shake vigorously and strain into the flute glass. Top with the prosecco and present with a fresh black cherry.


All cocktail recipes provided by Grey Goose Cherry Noir