What’s better than a hotel spa? Answer: nothing. Well, unless you are at a not-so-nice of a hotel that in turn has not-so-nice of a “spa”. This is most certainly not the case in downtown Toronto’s ultra cool and chi-chi-chic Thompson Hotel that has recently welcomed 889 Wellness Spa to their sun-filled third floor space. Having moved in last fall, the space was at first only used as the second location of 889′s yoga studio. Incase you have not been to their original Rosedale digs, it is like a yogi spa heaven.

Now fully equipped with the addition their wellness spa at the downtown location, guests can enjoy everything from daily yoga and private yoga to registered massage therapy, holistic facials and soy waxing.

I decided to check out 889′s new wellness spa by disrobing for their Jet Lag Treatment, an exclusive to their Thompson Hotel service menu. And since I was zonked out in full relaxation mode, I called upon Spa Team Leader, Shalini Rampersad, to provide every last detail about the phenomenal treatment in order to tell you all about it.

1. Why was the Jet Lag massage created specifically for the Thompson Hotel spa location?

The Jet Lag Treatment was created specifically for the 889 at the Thompson due to the fact that many clients that stay at the Thompson Hotel are travellers and would appreciate this treatment.

2. What are the benefits of the massage?

There are many benefits to this treatment, including:  increased energy, reduced stress levels,  deep relaxation, increased blood circulation, detox, immune system boost, increase range of motion, calming of the mind and pain relief.

3. What is the process of the Jet Lag treatment?

The Jet Lag Treatment is a 75 minute full-body massage using Thai Stems (a blend of  natural ingredients all wrapped in unbleached cotton). We start heating the Thai Stems in a steamer about 15-20 minutes before the start of the treatment.  Once the client is on the table, we then proceed to compress the body with the stems.  We start by compressing the back, and then applying our signature Jet Lag Oil and begin to massage.  After we finish with the back, we move down to the posterior legs and feet.  We compress each leg with the Thai Stems followed by massage.  After massaging each leg, we then do a technique called Tapotement in which we apply a ”beating”  technique to the entire posterior body using the Thai Stems.  We will turn the client over and proceed to compress with the Thai Stems and then massage each anterior leg and arm.  We finish the the treatment with compression and massage to the neck and shoulders with an option of the scalp.

4. What is the significance of the chime at the start and finish of the massage?

We use the chimes with all of our treatments both at Yonge St. and at the Thompson.  The sound and vibration from the chimes clears the energy that will disrupt you from having a relaxing treatment.  At the end of the massage, the chimes signify starting fresh that day.

For more information on 889 Yoga and Wellness Spa at The Thompson Hotel, please visit their website HERE.