Montreal’s epic music festival, Osheaga, is only a few days away. Worried about what to wear and what to pack? Who isn’t! Here are my top pics that I wouldn’t leave home without…

Whether in a bikini top, or sweat top, this is sure to keep you looking next-level.

Necklace by Cuchara, $160 at

One (or both) of these. As seen on A$AP Rocky, nuff said.

Comme Des Fuckdown tank, $30 at SSUR Store

A gold camera that also comes with a gold chain? Garl, please. This is thing is a dream come true!

Lomography Diana+ Gold Camera, $109 at Urban Outfitters

What sort of packing job would be complete without a leopard statement piece!?

Leopard print leggings, $36 at Nowhereland

Fashionable music lovers obvi need a way to listen to music (in style) en route to MTL.

Nixon Apollo 3 headphones, $90 at West 49

Leave your designer shoes at home. Bring these instead.

Hunter Thurloe short, $159.99 at Get Outside and Schuh (UK)

 And now you need a shiny backpack to put all your nice things in!

Shiny pack cloth school bag, $56 at American Apparel



Who are you looking forward to seeing most?