So, my 25th birthday is in one week, on November 20th. I know you’re probably thinking, “Oh my gawd, what am I going to get Gracie!?” To help alleviate you from all that shopping stress, I’ve put together my 25th Birthday Wish List! I know that in reality pretty much none of you have had that thought go through your heads, but a girl can still have some fun and gaze upon some dream presents can’t she?

Aside from my birthday, gift shopping season really is upon us. One of my favourite places to find unique, local and Canadian gifts is at the One of a Kind  Show. This year the show runs from November 22nd to December 2nd, and on November 29th at 7pm I will be presenting my Top 5 One of a Kind products on the One of a Kind Main Stage during the late night shopping event. If you think this show is just for grannies and granola-types, you are so very wrong. At every show, I high five some of Toronto’s best designers when I see them at their booths, and discover so many great talents from across the country that I would have never found otherwise.

For this year’s show, I have 20 FREE tickets to give away along with a $50 gift certificate to spend at the show!

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Incase you miss out on a free pair of tickets, or need more than two, you can buy tickets for the OOAK Toronto show at a special reduced rate of $11 HERE!

Until then, please take a look at my Pinterest board for my OOAK inspirations this year, I would also love for you to VOTE for me (click here to vote now!) for the People’s Choice award. My curated Pinterest board shows many of my top picks from this year’s show, and it doubles as my ultimate holiday gift guide. I’d to to see you on the 29th for the Late Night Shopping event at OOAK where I will be presenting my TOP FIVE items!

What are you waiting for? Get tweeting! Get Pinterest-ing! Get voting! Get Nov. 29th calendar-marking!

And just for fun, here is a peek at that dream birthday wish list after all…

The Rose Bakery Cookbook

When I went to Paris for a long weekend while I was living in London, the Sunday before I left was spent at the Rose Bakery. Well, we spent some time there eating a very, very late brunch before we spent a lot more time down the street at a bar called La Perle. Perhaps you are familiar with La Perle from when fashion designer, John Galliano, got himself into a bit of trouble there? I would love to own this cookbook and be reminded of that wonderfully long and drunken Sunday.

The YSL Ring

Since my beautiful turquoise YSL ring was tragically lost at sea party, I would very much like to own one once again. My turquoise version was particularly special to me because I bought as a gift to myself with my first paycheque from ELLE UK. Turning 25 feels like a significant enough moment in my life to deserve another. I particular love this blue baby with hints of gold hidden inside.

Heart Measuring Spoons

I would love to cook with these, wouldn’t you?

The Little Black Jacket Book

Perhaps when I turn 50 I’ll treat myself to one of Chanel‘s classic tweed jackets. Until then, why not spend my days envying all of the models, teenagers and other icons who already have one? This book is essential to the happiness of my coffee table.

“The Diptyque Candle”

Now that I’m a “grown up” I like mature girl things like nice, expensive candles that smell real good.

The Cashmere Travel Wrap

Every time I go in to A2Zane on Queen West I admire these oversized cashmere scarves by White & Warren. They are so luxurious and the most wonderfully warm things on earth. I really, really want one.

The Nike Blazer

The Nike Blazer has been on my shoe nerd wish list since high school. Now that I’m turning 25, maybe it’s finally time to get a pair? It would also be nice to give my Converse high tops a break when I decide it’s a sneaker day.

“The iPad”

Can you even believe I don’t have one already? Exactly.

“The Chanel iPad Case”

Because, what else could I possible carry an iPad around in?

The Edible Selby

The only thing better than The Selby is an Edible Selby! Oh, I am just so excited for this book!

“Tea Time Spoons”

Currently extremely obsessed with these spoons  thatI found on Shopcaster. Wouldn’t tea time be so much more fun if your spoon told you it loved you?

The K8 Arrow Ring

Cupid would approve of this ring, and so I do too. K8 is one of my favourite jewellery lines in the city and I would love to add this one to my collection.

For more information on OOAK Toronto please click HERE.

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