Meet Luc Coiffait, a 22-year fashion photographer from London, UK. This young talent only picked up a camera four years ago, and already he has shot for GQ Japan, GQ Style China and Fiasco. Needless to say, he is a talent to watch.

Take a look into his portfolio and learn more about him in our Q&A below:

Name: Luc Coiffait

Age: 22

Where From: Newcastle

Live Now: London

Started shooting: 4 years ago

Q: How did you get your start?

A: I was studying for a career as a physio or in politics. Then I acted upon the advice from a psychic to be a photographer.

Q: How did you encounter this psychic?

A: My mother is heavily into her horoscopes and the stars. She works in Law but spends her spare time reading the stars and various other methods to give readings to close friends and family. I don’t believe in that sort of thing so much, but it was my mother’s best friend who is also a close family friend, so I was happy to give it a go. I quite enjoy making the most of life, so it gave me an excuse to do something that sounded pretty fun. Because I’m a very determined person, I usually do well at whatever I try my hand at, so I gave it a go.

Q: Digital or Film?

A: I shoot mostly digital now, but prefer film. There is so much more satisfaction in shooting on film, and it is nice to show people I don’t rely on Photoshop like most of the new young photographers breaking through.

Q: Who and what influences you?

A: As I started in landscape photography, my first influence was Joe Cornish. Then I discovered Tim Walker whose work opened my eyes to fashion. I was amazed to find out he shoots most of his stuff near the small town I come from in the North East. I would also say Mariano Vivanco was a huge influence on my style and appetite for beautiful, honest photos (especially his book, NinetyFive Chapel Market).

Q: Who are your idols?

A: From a young age I have played football (aka soccer). I almost signed pro, but currently play at a semi-pro level. So naturally my life-long idol has to be David Beckham. He’s a perfectionist that has been consistently one of the best at his job for most of his career, despite a minority of haters. David has created a brand and amazing style that many aspire to. A successful career I would love to achieve in fashion photography.

Q: What is your dream publication to shoot for?

A: Vogue. Although, it is not my favourite magazine.

Q: Dream person to shoot?

A: David Beckham of course! Although obsessed with the natural beauty of a number of models such as Natalia Vodianova, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Clemence Poesy and fairly new model Josephine Skriver.

Q: Advice for up-and-coming photographers?

A: Stick to what you enjoy, anything and everything. Always shoot. And never copy

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