In case you missed it, one of my favourite shops in the city, Sauvage, asked me to host the opening of their new permanent location on October 17th. Since that special date just so happened to mark the 1st birthday of my blog, we decided to make it a joint par-TAY! Here’s the 411 on what went down and why you absolutely must go check out the new location like now now now!

Here is my in my #GCBloggyBday party outfit! Sadly you can’t see the amazing Oxblood Shooties in this shot but oh well. Luckily you can see my wicked cropped sweater by Endlich Ballerina that I picked up at Sauvage night of. They may have still had power tools on the floor when I walked through the door (hey, it really was their opening night) but that didn’t stop me from shopping. Big kiss goes out to the Blackbird girls who came to the party and gave me a pair of their beautiful porcupine quill earrings!

Thanks to Dlish on Queen West for these delicious cupcakes! The pops of red totally matched my lipstick, nails and shoes.

Hey look it’s Owen from Bandit Catering! The cutest boy in town who likes to hide in back rooms and basements all alone, only to emerge with some amazing foodie creation he has made all by himself! How much do we love boys who cook??

No business cards? No problem! Thanks to my amazingly talented friend, Megan Wappel, no one at the party would ever be able to forget about!

No party would be complete without some good old fashioned glasses of alcohol, am I right? Big love to Mill St. and Skinny Grape Wine for hooking us up and  keeping our calories down while gettin’ crunk!

Mega thanks to my bestie DJ HUGGS for making this amazing birthday edition of Tiny Dancer called Here To Stay – a FREE download for EVERYONE to enjoy! I haven’t stopped listening to this mix since the party, I’m even listening to it right now! Click HERE to download it, and HERE to stream it.

The biggest thank you of all goes out to Jaya the gorgeous, stylish, funny, nice and all around super awesome owner of Sauvage. It was so kind of her to think of me to host her shop opening, and even more so to have the #GCBloggyBday tie in.

Check out the pictures below to have a peek around the new shop – it’s gorgeous!  But I’m not showing you too much because you really have to go by in person. It is sure to be your new favourite shop on Queen West West.

While Sauvage previously only carried shoes, handbags and accessories at their pop-up location in the Burroughes Building, the new (bigger) permanent location has allowed for clothing as well, hallelujah! All the clothing is surprisingly well priced, with affordable brands including Cheap Monday and Style Stalker (that’s who Jaya’s amazing dress is by, surprise surprise I bought it too).

Mmmm leopard print and knits.

The bag WALL. Are you drooling yet? How cool is that pony hair backpack by Jas M.B.? I bought that too. Seriously, I cannot help myself at this store, it’s too good!

Last but not least, a big THANK YOUUUUU to everyone who came out to party and shop with us that night, we had a BALL! Click HERE to check out some of the event photos on the Sauvage Facebook Page.

Sauvage is located at 644 Queen Street West // Thanks to Whatever Eurotrash for letting me use some of your event pics!