Ta daaaaaa, look! It’s me in clothes and not for What I Wore! Confused? Fair enough. This picture is from the just-launched Spring/Summer lookbook of Toronto-based designer LEILANNI. Leilanni Todd is of half Filipino, half Canadian descent, and went to great lengths to make sure her mixed heritage was represented in her new collection. So, she approached myself, and three other half asian girls to model her new season looks. I think we all look like a half asian version of the Lisbon sisters from The Virgin Suicides, which is obviously a huge plus to me.

LEILANNI is one of my favourite lines coming out of this city and you simply must check out the super cute full lookbook (shot by the amazing Alice Xue) on her website www.Leilanni.com. She’s also offering 25% off if you like her Facebook Page – EASY DEAL ALERT!

Check out some more shots from the lookbook below.

Leilani9 Leilanni7 Leilanni8 Leilanni10 Leilanni1 Leilanni2 Leilanni4 Leilanni5 Leilanni6