Making everything super healthy and from scratch isn’t always possible when you’ve got a busy schedule. A few weeks ago, while prepping for my summer closet sale, I had to planned to make a 100% homemade lavender-infused lemonade (I’m really into the lavender these days) to offer my guests.

Unfortunately, actually making it (along with my many other overly ambitious catering plans) was put on the back burner when I woke up late the morning of. Instead, I threw together what I now call “The Lazy Lemonade” which took about 2 minutes to make but still looked and tasted good enough to impress.

Here’s how to do it:

The Lazy Lemonade

1 – jug or pitcher

1 half-gallon carton generic lemonade (I grabbed some from Shopper’s Drug Mart)

2 liter bottle soda water

1 lemon cut in half

handful of fresh lavender

Tray of ice


- Put half a tray of ice (more or less depending on size) into the jug/pitcher.

- Fill 1/2 – 3/4 with lemonade (depending on desired sweetness), and top with soda water.

- Lightly squeeze in one half of lemon, then drop it in.

- Add lavender, stir, and allow flavours to release.

Then, done! Please note that this drink was later enjoyed with both vodka and tequila (not in one cup) and it was very, very yummy.

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Also, sitting by a pool never hurt anyone.