When I first met Steph (Mark, of The Coveteur, hello git wit it) it was five years ago (or so) when we were both hostesses at The Boiler House in the distillery district. We immediately bonded over our extreme love for Marc Jacobs and Chanel (obviously) and also our general dis-like for hostessing at BH. Steph is one of my most favouritist people in the whole wide world, and even though I always knew she would do something great, I never thought I would log into Facebook one night and see a picture update from Paris of her rubbing shoulders with Uncle Karl himself! That is #G-L-A-M, period.

Ps. Steph, Erin and Jake, if you’re reading this, please bring me back a pressie! Even if it’s a stolen fork or something from the dinner table.

Check out the TC snaps of Chanel “Paris-Bombay” Pre-Fall Show below ( + more HERE), and the full collection HERE.

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