Good Morning! Hi, it’s me, bright and early, and fresh out of bed. Only this morning is not like any other morning, because on this morning I did my OWN hair. Let me clarify, my OWN blowout, for the first time in my nearly 26-years of life.

I’m no snob who’s like,  I don’t do my own hair, but seriously, up until now I have regularly paid other people to blow out my hair and make it look nice because, to be honest, I am seriously lacking in the department of hair skills. That twisty thing you do with your straightener to make it wavy and curly? Yea, I have three straighteners and still have a hard time making my hair go straight, never mind  miraculously make Veronica Lake waves.

BUT ALL HAS CHANGED! Well, not the making waves part, but the part about creating a voluminous blowout all on my own. You see, I was recently sent some tools and products that have changed my life forever. I’m sharing them with you because I AM PROOF that if I can do it, truly anyone can.


1. Schwarzkopf ProfessionalOSiS+ ‘Blow & Go Smooth’

Naturally, my hair is very wavy and pretty crazy. I love a good blow out to smooth things out and make me feel more put together. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate my natural bed head/surfer girl hair, but it’s not always the right look for work, or on camera. I spray ‘Blow & Go Smooth’ from the mid section of my hair down to the ends.


2. Schwarzkopf ProfessionalOSiS+ ‘Blow & Go Thick’

The reason I choose to only spray ‘Blow & Go Smooth’ from mid to ends is because I prefer a blowout to look voluminous. I really hate how my hair looks when its pin straight and flat – I think it’s because I have a round face and the combo doesn’t work so well. ‘Blow & Go Thick’ is what I use for the mid section of my hair up to my roots to encourage maximum body and volume where my hair needs it most.


3. The CROC Silicone Round Brush from Trade Secrets

When I was a kid, I had the opposite hair issue. I didn’t want straight hair (oddly it was straighter back then), I wanted Shirley Temple-style curls and I was completely obsessed with trying to achieve such curliness on my own head. The answer to this, I thought, was the round brush. Now cue an image of the numerous times I had a round brush almost permanently attached to my scalp with tangled hair. I’ve shied away from them since, still scared of once again enduring the pain of undoing the mess I used to create with them. Most of all, even as an adult I’ve never really felt that I could handle them properly. How the heck do hairdressers get my hair to stay around the brush (without tangling) while they blow it out? This round brush from CROC is the first round brush I’ve ever been able to use successfully. I believe it has to do with the red comb feature, although I can’t confirm. It could just be that’s it’s an amazing brush.


4. CROC Designer Hair Dryer from Trade Secrets

To be honest, part of the reason I’ve never been able to blow out my hair on my own is because up until now I haven’t owned a hair dryer. That’s right, I said it. I know, ridiculous! Okay well I think there is one in my house, but it’s a crappy low-power one that doesn’t even have a nozzle. It wasn’t even worth attempting a blowout with something that would take 3 hours to dry my hair, never mind create a sexy blowout. ALL has changed now that I own this baby from CROC.


 5. Powder Puff by Kevin Murphy

By the time I’ve finished my blow out using items 1-4, I normally don’t need anything except bit of smoothing serum to finish off the look. Since I definitely DO NOT wake up early enough to blow out my hair every single day, I rely on hair products to keep it looking good on days after. Kevin Murphy‘s Powder Puff is a secret weapon for maintaining the volume in your blow out – plus, it looks really cute and cute things make us happy.

Still not sure what to do to when putting all of these things into action? I found this pretty hilarious (but surprisingly helpful) blowout tutorial video on YouTube that you might enjoy too.


Do you have any hair tools and products that you swear by for your at-home blowout?

Leave a comment and let me know!