Thanks to this spring’s hottest accessory – The Backpack – I finally feel like for the first time in my adult life, my mom will finally stop telling I need to get a backpack, ‘to protect my back’. I mean sure, turning into a hunchback is the last thing I want for my posture, but, I also haven’t really touched a backpack since high school. And even then, I pretty much always wore it low, and on one shoulder.

But now, at 27, things have changed. I’ve seemed to have accumulated more backpacks in just a few months than most students have in their entire lifetime at school. What can I say? I’ve hopped on the backpack bandwagon and I ain’t getting off of it anytime soon.

Here are my top 5 picks for spring backpacks:


1. The Fjallraven Kanken

fjallraven kanken backpack

Ah, the classic Kanken by Fjallraven! Don’t you just love it in this gorgeous colour? This is a great option for if you’re looking for something cute and practical. This thing can hold a lot of stuff! Thus making it perfect for travelling too. Click HERE to shop them now.

2. TOMS Indigo Ikat Backpack

TOMS traveler indigo ikat backpack

With a trip to Mexico coming up in a couple of weeks, I can’t help but be drawn to fun aztec prints. I especially love that this helps you give back when you buy it, because with every TOMS bag purchased, TOMS will help provide a safe birth for a mother and baby in need. There aren’t too many backpacks out there that can do that! Click HERE to shop now.

3. The Gracie 3-in-1 Bag by Brave Leather

brave leather gracie bag 3-in-1

I hate to play favourites here, but, can you blame me for this one? Obviously a bag that I had a hand in designing is going to be my baby! I don’t care if its tacky to say so, I just love this bag and think the design is awesome. I mean, it can be a handbag, a backpack and even a clutch! Plus its make from beautiful Italian leather, and crafted right here in Toronto. Click HERE to buy your own Gracie bag!

4. Matt & Nat’s July Backpack in Citrus

matt and nat dwell july citrus

Considering how much grey and black I wear on a daily basis, it sure is nice to easily add a pop of colour by throwing on a bright backpack before heading out the door. I’m simply smitten with the ‘citrus’ colour of this great (and very roomy!) July backpack by Matt and Nat. Did you know that their bags are also make from vegan leather? WIN! Click HERE to shop it now.

5. Alexander Wang Prisma Backpack

best backpacks alexander wang

Well, I obviously couldn’t get through an entire list of 5 cool backpacks without adding in one high end designer no could I? Not sure about you but I’m totally swooning over this Alexandr Wang Prisma backpack that I found on Shopbop. It’s just perfect! Click HERE to shop it now.

May all of your backs be happy and stylish this spring!



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