Have you ever watched those ads for feminine products when they test their competitors performance and thought, “I wonder if that actually works?” Well, I have. And for the first time I got to do my very own test by taking the Stayfree Challenge! Even after all these years of buying pads and tampons (I got my period at the ripe ol’ age of 11 after all) I still get completely overwhelmed when faced with an endless wall of product to choose from. Of course, like any woman, I want wants going to protect me best, and so, I took on Stayfree’s challenge to see how they hold up against the competition. Here’s what happened:


Step 1:

I put down three different ultra thin pads on the placement sheet. Starting with Stayfree’s Ultra Thin Regular with Wings on the left, followed by their competitor #1, and competitor #2 to the right.


Step 2:

5ml of blue liquid was poured on the centre of each pad. It was interesting to see how the colour absorbed and how much the liquid spread out. The liquid was allowed to set for 30 seconds.


Step 3:

A blotting sheet was placed on top of each pad before adding a 5lb weight. The weights were added on top for five seconds before being removed.


Step 4:

The weights removed and the absorbency results were clear just from looking at the blotting sheets. Stayfree had but a couple of specks of blue on the sheet!


I’m not sure who “competitor #1″ is but I hope we all avoid spending money on such a crappy product! The most obvious way to avoid getting duped by a bad product? Stick to what you know works. In this case, there is no denying that Stayfree is the clear winner.


Women of Canada, join The Panty Party today!

*Please note that this post has been brought to you by Stayfree*




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