“Most surf magazines just cover pro surfing, contests, and guys who are sponsored. This is about surfing, but more about the travelling and lifestyle behind it,” explains Andrew Sayer as he sips on his Americano outside of the Darkhorse Espresso Bar on Queen Street West. With his long, bleached out hair swept back (and kept back by what must only be the magical power of sea salt) he continues, “In Canada, a lot of people don’t really relate to normal surfing magazines because no one here really surfs, but they’re into the culture behind it. The goal was to make a surf magazine that someone who has never surfed in their life (or has no interest in it) could read from front to back and still get a kick out of the articles and photography.”

Sayer is, of course, referring to his newly launched surf magazine, LATER. As one half of the editors and founders behind the magazine, he reveals that it is a result of a five-minute conversation with his long-time friend/snowboarding buddy/editor of King Snow that went something along the lines of “Yo dude, wanna start a surf magazine?” Needless to say, the answer was yes.

Since I had him trapped next to me, I took the opportunity to pick his surf brain for some Top 5 Tips.

Places to Surf this summer
1) Bali
2) Central America
3) SoCal
4) South Africa
5) Peru
Reasons to read LATER. for a surfer
1) It’ll get you frothing to live.
2) It’ll get you frothing to fiesta.
3) It’ll get you frothing to pack your bags and get weird.

Reasons to read LATER. for a non-surfer
1) Epic randomness.
2) Crazy travel stories that ‘travel mags’ would never print.
3) Dave Carnie (from Big Brother fame)
4) Babes
5) Print is dead, long live print.
Tips for people who wish they were surfers
1) Shop at Hollister and never start.
2) Watch ‘Endless Summer’
3) Go skateboarding.
4) Order 5 more shots at last call, talk about how epic your dawn patrol will be, and then sleep all day.
5) Stop wishing and pack your bags right now.

Surfer Stereotypes
1) Hair smells like low tide (it does)
2) We will drop anything if there’s swell (we will)
3) A cold beer tastes best after a long session (also true)
Places to get introduced to surf culture
5) The beach.

LATER is available at Chapters and Indigo (retailing for a reasonable $4.99) as well as select skate shops across Canada and the US. Check out them out online HERE.

Ps. They are having a LAUNCH PARTY in Toronto TOMORROW. Yes, that’s right, I said PARTAAAAY TOMORROWWWW! Swing by to grab a copy of LATER fo’ freeee and enjoy some tasty C0ronas. Details below!