If you have followed my style over the years, you’ll know that I practically live in leather jackets; so you can imagine my excitement when I received an email asking me to take part in an exclusive project with Danier Leather. Does that say create you own custom jacket!? I asked myself over and over again. Without hesitation, I replied back: Yes! Yes! Yes!

I feel so honoured and lucky to have been chosen to represent one of five members of Danier‘s intimate team of Style Shapers. And I’m in good company alongside Emily Ramshaw of Flare Magazine, Lance Chung of Sharp Magazine, Jay Strut and Shelby Walsh of Trendhunter.com.

Over the past few weeks each Style Shaper individually met with Danier’s head designers Sophia Urbanowicz and Peter De Freitas at their Toronto HQ to work together and create a custom-designed, custom-fit leather jacket. This dream experience was also a bit of an overwhelming one; I mean, how on earth do you choose what to do when the possibilities are endless? Personally. I wanted something classic but also completely unique. I turned to my existing wardrobe for inspiration, and I am beyond excited to see the end result!

Check out the short video below for a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of the process so far: