Don’t worry, I’m not jet-setting to the moon for my next travel piece, although, I kind of wish I was. Quite the opposite, really, because my feet are planted firmly on earth, with the difference being that I am decked out in head-to-toe MOON Apparel – the latest genius from the Mimrans (you know, the ones behind Club Monaco, Joe Fresh, and Pink Tartan).

As one of MOON’s blogger ambassadors I’m here to share my favourite MOON pieces and how to style them. Love the look? You’re in luck, you can get the amazing MOON Lace Skirt at 20% off using the promo code GRACIECARROLL today until November 1st (whattup Scorpios!).

I am a sweater hoarder, and there is nothing I love more than an off-white knit in the colder months. It just so happens that this ties in perfectly with one of my favourite trends of the season, which is “Winter Whites.” This isn’t the easiest trend to pull off during a Canadian winter, so it’s about how to channel it effectively into a look that won’t get destroyed the moment you walk outside. I say try pairing your white statement piece with darker and bolder colours so that it can really stand out. In this case, I’ve layered MOON’s cream honeycomb knit over their tangerine collarless blouse  and navy lace pencil skirt.

These three pieces are each so great because they are so versatile. The pencil skirt will look amazing paired with an easy t-shirt or button blouse and blazer. The tunic blouse is a perfect match for a good pair of jeans for a chic outfit on the go, and a good cream sweater in the winter, I mean, it just goes with everything.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get SHOPPING! If you’ve got a question about how to incorporate one of these MOON pieces into your own wardrobe, leave a comment and I’ll be sure to help you answer it! xo