Remember the Slumber Party Pizza recipe from last weekend? This week it’s part 2 of my slumber party hangout with friend and beauty blogger, Rema, of The Burgundy Book. This time we’re going to reveal all of our favourite slumber party essentials! As you can probably tell from the photo above, I was literally a zombie by the time we had this much-needed lazy Sunday together. I’m practically sleeping and look like I’m about to keel over. At least Rema had enough sense to get a bit primped and pretty to capture our candid moments, but I guess that’s the difference between myself and a beauty blogger, ha! Nevertheless, here are some of the things we love for a lazy (and pampered) day in.




There are certain times of laziness when sweat pants just won’t do, oh no no no. A slumber party is one of those times. Personally I LOVE pajamas and still thank Pheobe Philo every day for making them an acceptable fashion statement outside of the house. Yeah, I still rock that trend, and most of the time I just wear my real pajamas. We love the GAP for hooking us up with our amazing PJs for the slumber party — Rema in her polka dot tunic, and me in my printed pink PJ pants and soft striped tank. We also need to talk about my giant furry leopard cardigan from Mink Pink. I mean, it’s practically the best fashion slumber party cardi ever, right??

2. The Movie


Is it any surprise that we chose to watch J.Lo movies at our slumber party? We’re obsessed with her! In fact, the whole hang out was planned because we both love her and wanted an excuse to be lazy and watch her cheesy (but amazing) rom coms all day. As you can see here, we chose to kick things off with The Backup Plan, one of the newer J.Lo classics.

3. The Snacks




Yes we made a seriously delicious gourmet pizza from scratch (would expect any less at my slumber party?) but we also got some tasty finger foods to munch on during the movie like humous and crackers, and fancy popcorn from Saxon Chocolates.


See, even J.Lo loves snacks!

4. The Drinks




What’s better than getting a bit boozy on a lazy Sunday? Fresita hooked us up with a bottle to enjoy at our party of two, which was rather fitting considering it’s both bubbly and pink! It’s a very girly, no boys allowed kind of drink, just like our slumber party.

5. The Nails



Er, full credit goes out to Rema for painting my nails in YSL (g-l-a-m) trust me, if I had done them myself they would have looked BUSTED. Rema tried out the new CND Vinylux Weekly Polish on her own nails.

6. The Face:

Did you really think that a slumber party with a beauty blogger wouldn’t include an intense beauty regime to match? I nearly fainted when Rema pulled out all of her product selection to choose from! There was A LOT. Here’s what we finally decided on:


The Rose Face Mask (there’s real pieces of rose petals inside!) and Honey Mask, both by Fresh.


Shiseido Ibuki Softening Concentrate, Shiseido Ibuki Refining Moisturizer, Clarins Multi-Active Serum and Lancome‘s Visionaire Eye Cream.


I’m proud to say I did contribute ever so slightly to the beauty product party that day. That’s right, I brought over Bare Love‘s nighttime recovery treatment to apply post face mask. I love the richness of this natural beauty product, and it smells like heaven!


Here’s me about to pass out again! Until the next slumber party!

What are your favourite slumber party essentials? Tell us!