There’s nothing we love more than discovering new talent in the city, and we recently scored a good find. After complimenting friend after friend and acquaintance after acquaintance on their eye-catching neck jewellery of choice, we were finally led to the lady behind it all: 22-year-old Asia Clarke.

Let us explain. Clarke, who designs under the name The Wild Moon, creates unisex art-based jewellery that is inspired by nature, often using crystals and stones that have long-purported spiritual powers (such as rose quartz and black onyx). What we love most is her fusion of natural materials, tribal influences and geometric shapes that result in striking pieces with an organic, art-deco aesthetic.

“Creating art is a way that I explore my fears, hopes, dreams and regrets and put them into a physical form,” she tells us. “Major inspiration has also come from my favourite book, Women Who Run with the Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estés.”

We suggest running over to Pretty Freedom in Kensington Market to pick up her latest design (pictured), the PRAY necklace, which hits the shop floor today.

$60. Available at Pretty Freedom, 165 Augusta Ave., 416-551-8100

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