We are feeling fairly confident that real summer is just around the corner, even with all the backwards weather we’ve been dealing with lately. So what does that mean? It’s time to open up the T-shirt drawer and refresh! But this is easier said than done if you are a Torontonian who supports “keepin’ it local.” American Apparel? Obviously not. Haines? Not sure where you would even find the brand anymore. Also, neither adheres to our locally-rooted beliefs.

Luckily, however, we have found Clothing Brand Experiment, a Toronto-based unisex basics line that is committed to sustainable and ethical production. So committed, in fact, that each and every one of its products is exclusively made in a 50 km-radius of its downtown studio. Can you get much more local than that? We don’t think so. What’s even better is that the line’s prices rival even its biggest competitors, and it offers a selection that goes beyond just the basic white tee.

$36-58. Available at Clothing Brand Experiment’s online store 

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