While Toronto’s love for the rave may have subsided when we entered the new millennium, every now and then candy-coloured plastic jewellery, fun fur attire or a pair of Modrobes can be spotted in a crowd (usually on Queen West, the epicenter of rave fashion back in its heyday). Let’s face it: the city’s rave roots are deep and people miss it. Why do you think nu-rave popped off like it did a few years ago?

Thankfully, slogan-emblazoned neon T-shirts and plastic shutter sunglasses a la Kanye West have disappeared (for the most part). But whenever this city’s regard for rave-related fashion goes out, it is sure to come right back in again. This week, Hudson Jeans is invading Toronto with its latest style: the Lou Lou. This colourful slim fit comes complete with two vertical phosphorescent stripes – literally turning your legs into walking glow sticks.

Here’s to the return of happy hardcore!

Lou Lou in “The Manson” by Hudson Jeans. $265, available at Holt Renfrew. 

(post as seen on postcity.com)