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I don’t know about you, but shaving my legs is one beauty up-keep that I absolutely loathe. Not just because of the daily hassle, but for how horribly prickly and uncomfortable it makes my legs feel. Considering my schedule, I prefer beauty treatments that don’t need to happen as often, and are more effective and last for longer. Naturally, I have always gravitated towards waxing my legs, after always regretting the effects of shaving.

Despite the “ouch” factor, I love that after a few minutes of discomfort, waxing has always left me with super smooth legs (and finer hair) that lasts for weeks. I can say first hand that waxing has, in fact, helped my leg hair to become finer over the years; so much so that I now often wax my own legs at home.

While I don’t personally find leg waxing to be too painful, I would never pass up the chance to try a wax that promised less pain than the usual standard. Nair recently asked me to try their new Nair Cire Divine formula that promises to say ‘Bye Bye Ouch for Good!’ and I couldn’t resist testing it out for myself.

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For anyone who has yet to attempt at-home waxing, it’s really not as scary as you might think. It can certainly be made easier with the right products, and the Nair Cire Divine definitely helps in that department. With this product, no pro wax pot is needed, or even strips for that matter! I love that this one-pot wonder is all you need to get your legs silky smooth in just a few minutes.

To start, you’ll need to heat up the pot in a microwave, and then let it cool until it’s comfortable to touch. Once you mix it around and get the consistency right, you simply smooth the wax down your legs, wait a few seconds, and pull the wax strip itself upwards on your leg to remove the hair. After a few strips slathered along your legs, you’re done!

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From personally experience, I can say that waxing your legs (especially with a product like Nair Cire Diving) is a lot easier to do on your own than, well, other more ‘intimate’ areas of your own body. While I don’t mind paying for a top notch Brazilian, I’ve always found it harder to see the value in paying someone to wax my legs for nearly the same price, which is why I turned to waxing my own legs at home long ago.

If you’re considering trying some at home waxing yourself, picking up a tub of Nair Cire Divine will help make the experience easier, and less painful.


Good luck!




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