What’s my favourite thing about Saturday mornings? Why, digging out the Globe and Mail Style section of course! And, obviously, the Joli Lapin in me always gets extra super excited about the recipes featured each week. No matter what it is, I normally indulge in my sick obsession of cutting out and collecting just about every recipe I come across, which I think drives everyone I live with a bit cray cray (picture a fury of recipe cutouts for things I’ll  never make flying around the house at all times).

This week’s Halloween recipe special is particularly awesome in my books. Recipe master, Heather Shaw, has come up with “Devilish desserts for a delicious (and grown up) halloween” that sound (and look!) like the best things that could ever happen to any halloween party this year.

Who wants to have a house party on Monday and cook all this up with me? Or, I’ll cook it all up myself, just find me a house party, please and thanks!

Recipe: Bloody good chocolate-beet cake with scream-cheese icing

Recipe: Caramel molasses pears

Recipe: Blackberry compote

Recipe: Spiced pumpkin mousse