Okay, so the holidays might be over, but does that really mean we have to give up on all festive things? Personally, I don’t think. To me, indulging in cozy treats is totally okay during the winter months. I mean, we’ve gotta get through it somehow, right?

Last week I discovered something particularly naughty via Jamie Oliver and that is the Hot Buttered Rum cocktail. Hot. Buttered. Rum? Of course I had to try it! Since I had a few samples of delicious Calvados Boulard on hand, I decided to replace it with the rum in this case.


You may have noticed my new year instagram post about my new computer: the Lenovo Yoga 3. Isn’t it hard to believe that’s not an iPad on my counter? Most of the time my iPad is only put to use when I use it in the kitchen to reference recipes. It’s great for that, but kind of a bummer that I can’t do more “real” work on it. The Lenovo has totally resolved this problem by providing a design that literally flips from pro laptop (with touchscreen!) to tablet. Also, I’m pretty sure I saw Mindy using this computer in The Mindy Project which makes it extra awesome.


Here, as you can see, I used it to reference Jamie Oliver’s recipe for Hot Buttered Rum. Here’s how to make it:


2 Parts Black Bacardi Rum or Calvados Boulard

1.5 tsp brown sugar

3 cloves (optional)

1/4 part butter

Cinnamon stick and nutmeg to garnish



Over a low heat, melt the butter in a pan with the sugar and cloves. Turn off the heat and add the dark rum or calvados and stir well. Pour the contents through a sieve into a mug or toddy glass and top with hot water to taste. Garnish with a cinnamon stick and grated nutmeg


Serve & Enjoy!




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