Even though summer BBQs are most often associated with hamburgers, hot dogs, and meats in general, there’s no reason to shy away from fresh fish during grilling season. To be honest, fish doesn’t play a big enough part in my everyday diet, and that’s because I’m rather paranoid about the quality of most readily available fish and the waters that they came from. I choose to eat fish infrequently, and when I do purchase it to cook, I make sure it’s from the best source.

Last weekend I was craving one of my favourite fish dishes: honey miso glazed salmon. After two days I decided that nothing would satisfy my craving until I had the real thing, so I marched over to Hooked in Leslieville to see what I could get. While I am willing to pay top dollar, I also don’t want to go broke from buying a piece of fish. After eyeing the price of fresh salmon by the pound, I promptly began to consider my other options that would still compliment the honey and miso glaze. Eventually I decided to go with an Ontario trout, which only set me back $15 for the whole fish.

If you are fan of asian flavours but don’t want the icky additives that often come with a store-bought sauce, then you will love this easy-to-make honey and miso glaze. It’s so good that it even got my boyfriend to eat fish again after boycotting it for the past year! See below for what you need and how to make your own Honey Miso Glazed Fish:


What You Need:

1 piece of fresh fish, preferably salmon or trout

1 generous tablespoon of miso paste

1-2 tablespoons of honey

1 inch of fresh ginger, minced

1 cloves of fresh garlic, minced

1 tablespoon of sesame seeds

a splash of soy sauce or tamari

a splash of sesame oil

fresh ground pepper

(please note that all of these measurements can be adjusted to your own taste)


1. Add all of the glaze ingredients (aka everything but the fish) to a small bowl and combine with a spoon. Have a taste as you go along, and feel free to adjust as you like.

2. When the glaze has been combined, slather it all over your piece of fish. Seriously, this stuff is tasty and you’re not going to want to be stingy with it! Place the glazed fish back in your fridge and let it sit for as long as possible. If i’m in a rush I normally try to leave it for at least 30 minutes.


3. When the fish is close to ready, fire up the grill.

Next to food, great design is something I am very passionate about. Although it might sound ridiculous, bad design irks me like no other, and my boyfriend’s giant barbecue tools top my list for what I would throw out first from my kitchen. Just about every weekend I gently suggest that we move those big, clunky things into the donation pile, but he just won’t let go of his “man tools” for the BBQ. I get it, but they’re impossible for me to use on my own (again, way too big and way too heavy), and their enormous size make them impossible to store in our small home.


As if hearing my curses and answering my prayers, Williams-Sonoma came knocking with their Folding BBQ Tool Set. The handles of this high-qualitiy stainless steel trio fold in and out like jackknives, and are literally a godsend for anyone who is short on space, especially in the city. When folded out, all three tools are full size, but a manageable full size and not unnecessarily exaggerated like our other rather “macho” set. When they fold up they are small enough to fit into a tiny dust bag that literally takes up 10% of the amount of room as the other set. Just like the importance of a good knife, I truly believe that you should invest in the best that you can for your kitchen. Have the good quality tools will make cooking easier, faster and more enjoyable. Having the Folding BBQ Tool Set added to my kitchen was like a ‘eureka!’ moment and I literally have never imagined I would feel that way about a BBQ tool set.


4. Once the grill is ready, it’s time to start cooking your fish! If the skin is still on your fish you can put the fish straight onto the grill with the skin side down. If not, you can place it on a piece of foil. Cooking time will depend on the size of fish, on average it will need about 20 minutes.


Once it’s cooked to your liking serve it up and dig in!


Looking for a wine to serve with it? I recommend grabbing a bottle of Two OceansSauvignon Blanc 2014. This dry white wine is a beautiful summer wine that’s great to pair with a fresh and light meal, as well as enjoy on its own. If you’re not a fan of sweet wines, this is one you’ll enjoy.



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