When Alokozay Tea asked me to create a recipe using their camomile tea, I really had to think about what I thought would work. Especially since the main challenge here was to create a savoury dish that could served as an appetizer, rather than a sweet dessert.

Since we’re in March but its still chilly outside, I imagined something warm and soothing but still light and refreshing — kind of like drinking a cuppa camomile!

In fact, most of all I wanted to create a dish that reminded of drinking camomile tea with honey, since, for me, it’s something that always reminds me of being taken care of by my mom as a kid when I wasn’t feeling well.

The result is an Alokozay camomile poached fish with miso and honey that can be served as a main dish, or in smaller portions as light starter.

What You’ll Need:

1 piece of white fish (I used Tilapia here)

4 bags of Alokozay camomile tea

Miso paste, to taste.

Honey, to taste.

Fresh ground pepper

Dried camomile flowers to garnish

Boiled water


1. The first step is to boil water and pour it into your pan. Place the tea bags in the pan and let the tea steep for at least 10 minutes. In the above I had steeped the tea in a pyrex container with the intention to poach the fish right in there with the hot water. Since this piece needed more heat, I transferred everything to a pan. To save on dishes I would recommend just steeping the tea in the pan you’re going to use for the fish.


2. Once the tea is ready, place the fish in the pan and put in on a slight boil until the fish cooks to the point where it easily flakes apart.


3. For small, individual servings, take a small bowl and blend the miso with camomile liquid from the pan. Don’t add too much, but just enough for a small piece of fish to sit in and still poke out. Place the fish, sprinkle with fresh ground pepper, and garnish with dried camomile flowers.

4. Serve with a small spoon and enjoy!

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