Long before we kept up with the Kardashians, we kept up with the Hiltons. When Nicky Hilton recently visited Toronto to promote the launch of her new book, 365 Style, I knew the opportunity to meet her and chat about all things fashion and fabulous could not be missed. Find out what happened when contributing editor, Lindsay Sganga, sat down with Nicky at her in-store appearance and book signing at Joe Fresh’s Maple Leaf Gardens location.

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A Q&A with Nicky Hilton


One of the biggest struggles for a girl in the history of daily difficulties is that of picking out an outfit. The process has caused us to show up late for work, dates, school and left us with a pile of clothes waiting for our arrival when we get back home. But it’s time to say goodbye to this problem, thanks to none other than Nicky Hilton. The fashionista, along with the help of her friends, has come up with a solid system for us to follow, so getting dressed can become a little bit easier and she put it all into a book entitled 365 Style.

I got the chance to sit down with Nicky and discuss more about her style personally, as well as her trending new novel.


Lindsay Sganga: When was the moment you realized you had a real love for fashion and styling?

Nicky Hilton: When I was younger my mother would take my sister and I on that occasional tedious shopping after school run to the department store. My sister would be complaining and moaning, ‘are we done yet?’, but I just absolutely loved it. I loved following her in and looking at all the shoes, clothes and other women there. I was just enamored by it.

LS: Could you explain a little bit of how your 365 formula works and how you came up with such a great concept?

NH: I’m big on numbers and I found that my friends and I were saying we have closets full of stuff, but we feel like we have nothing to wear, because it’s clogged and cluttered with stuff we don’t wear. We then discovered that we dress for 3 main reasons, whether it be our job or lifestyle, and then 6 six main staples that we can stick to each season, and 5 accessories that we are always wearing.

For example, I love blazers, so I know I’m going to wear it, that it looks good on me. So I’d get it each season in different fabrics and styles, and have them as one of my 6 staples.

LS: Do you find that your sister and friends are constantly coming to you for fashion advice?

NH: Yes. With the power of technology today, my girlfriends and I love taking IPhone photos and asking, ‘do you like this bag or does this shoe go with this?’ I definitely get a lot of those types of messages from my friends, when they come to me for advice.

LS: What is your go to item, when you’re not sure what to wear?

NH: My go to uniform when I don’t know what to wear is, skinny jeans, ballet flats, a white tee shirt and a blazer. And I’ll switch up the footwear depending on the occasion.

LS: Where do you go for fashion inspiration?

NH: I get really inspired by street style, more so than the red carpets and runway. I like seeing how everyday people accessorize their outfits, their hair and makeup. I get inspired even walking through the subway or on the streets of Paris.

LS: Congratulations on your engagement this summer! What do you love to see your fiancé or any guy dressed in?

NH: I like guys to stick to the classics; you never want to look like you’re trying to hard as a guy. I love jeans, button-downs, tee shirts and a leather jacket, no accessories.

LS: What is the most important thing you want your readers to take away from this book?

NH: Be original. Not try and dress like their favourite actor, model, or celebrity. I get it if you want to take an element of their style and incorporate it into your own, but to copy it from head to toe is so lame. Be unique.

Thank you Nicky!



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